While some may talk, we follow through and get things done.

We lead with action.

Avi Greenstein


Meet the team at BPJCC

A team loyal and dedicated to our community

Chanie Moskowitz


Zissy Israel


Elana Gershenson

Program Director

Shulem Bornstein

Director of Operations

Ruttee Teitelbaum

Family Support Specialist

Shea Schwartz

Funding Specialist

Mark Rosenfeld

Work Force Specialist

Sender Schwartz

Director Of Special Programs

Sara Kraus

Health Insurance Navigator

Rachel Nass

Special Events Coordinator

Malky Hertz

Community Health Worker

Rochel Jungreis

Community Health Worker

Meet our Board of Directors

Isaac Stern


Yitzchok Fleischer


Chaim Fleischer

Board Member

Naftuli Reiner

Board Member

Menachem Garfinkel

Board Member

Moshe Yitzchok Steinmetz

Board Member

Yidel Perlstein

Board Member

Yoel Vizel

Board Member

Shalom Pesach Greenberg

Board Member

Simcha Bernath

Board Member

Yitzchok Mechel Moskowitz

Board Member

Yossi Nadler

Board Member

Meet our Executive Board of Directors

Chayem Meisels

Eliazer Igel

Hershel Wertheimer

Yaakov Zelig Landau

Yanky Frank

Yossi Itzkowitz

We Take the Initiative.

At BPJCC, we don't wait around while there are issues waiting to be addressed. With our team and connections, we are able to tackle some of the community's most important concerns in effective meetings with the right people to make real change.

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